Don't You Feel Safer Now?

So we just went through airport security (kudos to the Columbus airport for having 100% free WiFi).

I expected that they would take our water bottles (the exact same thing you can buy 10 feet later for 20% more).

I didn’t, but should have, realized that they would take Ethan’s juice box. That’s right, the US Government is keeping you safe.... from juice.

CNet's Exaggerations May Kill Kittens

Is there some sort of a bonus system at CNet for writers who can make inflammatory statements? Do they get paid extra based on the number of page views each article generates? Because if that’s true then we can understand that they are just taking a page out of the tool’s box of hackneyed journalism tips for generating ad revenue.

Here’s the latest round of lies, damned lies, and CNet “Reporting” (with apologies to actual reporters for lumping them in with this sort of crap).

A Better Nike + iPod Armband

My recent complaint against the Nike+ Sport Armband (you know, the one that doesn’t let you see the screen?) led me to checkout other options.

Even worse, I actually used the thing and found it very uncomfortable. My biceps are not by any stretch of the imagination “huge” but the “One Size Fits All” Nike+ Sport Armband is decidedly too small to wear comfortably. It has a Velcro connector and I was constantly thinking it was going to come off. With about 1" more of fabric they could have made it much more human-being compatible.

Belkin iPod Nano Sports Sleeve My search led me to the Sports Sleeve for iPod nano by Belkin. Its description reads:

Now you can power and play your iPod nano on the go.

Which made it sound like the dock port was accessible even when the Nano was in the case. However, since this was my third armband, I wanted to be sure. I emailed their support, who said that yes indeed, it was.

So I ordered one.

Or at least I tried.